About Us

Rootree (formerly SP/Swisspack Canada) is an Ontario, Canada based family enterprise dedicated to elevating the experience of Packaging.

Our core services known as our “DNA” are Design, Digital Packaging Manufacturing & Co-Packing. We are a turnkey solution for packaging from it’s experiential design, branding, marketing, web solutions, right through manufacturing, filling the product and warehousing to fulfilment.

We like the idea of our customers being able to take a bit more time for themselves or in other crucial aspects of their business understanding that their product design, packaging and packing is in good hands.

The extent of the products that we manufacture are born out of the desire for excellence without compromise. We have invested into partnerships and technologies to offer the very best packaging quality and services.

We are known for helping new companies launch, assisting with the entrepreneurial quest, helping with efficient packaging workflow due to lightning fast turn-around times, unique design concept developments and re-brands or simply better packaging.

We aim to be the most environmentally friendly packaging company in the world and will always strive to improve our processes, reduce waste, use better / more renewable materials and provide an end-result which is less taxing for Mother Earth. This is our commitment. Let’s make the packaging Plainfield a very green one.

Truly Flexible… not just flexible packaging.

Thank you for choosing to work with us.

The true expert is the one that never stops learning…

Welcome to the family

Philippe St-Cyr
General Manager

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