Application Services

Label Printing & Application: Digital Printing ~ Flexo-Graphic ~ Label Application

Let our team help you customize your bags with our label printing and application services. Customization now made easier than ever: choose your pouch, send us your artwork and let us do the rest! Let us have your bags ready to be packed and ready for the shelf! We can also supply Weather Resistant / Poly Propylene Labels which are perfect for products which require refrigeration. Contact us to get started today!


Tin Tie Application

We offer Tin Tie application to any required gusseted pouches. Tin ties are available in black and white in sizes 3.37”, 5.5″ or 7″ depending on the size of pouch required. Tin ties are machine applied to make it convenient for your customers to fold and close the pouches after each use and ensure precise application on the pouch.

Valve Application

One-Way Degassing Valves release oxygen and other gasses expelled from fresh products while simultaneously preventing air to come into the pouch. Mainly used in the coffee industry, applied valves allow roasters to pack freshly roasted coffee without having to worry about pouches bursting due to gas build up in the bag. There is no minimum for valve application.

Hang Hole Application

With the choice of Round or Euro Slot Hang Holes, this application is designed for hanging your products on display. With excellent durability and attractive retail display, contact us to have your bags applied with hang holes! There is no minimum for this service.

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