1. What styles of pouches do you carry?

Stand Up Pouches, Flat Bottom, 3 Side Seal, Quad Seal, Spout Pouches, Side Gussets, Kraft pouches, Vacuum pouches

2. What sizes do you carry?

28g – 5Kg Standard Stand Up Pouches sizes. 100g – 1 Kg Flat Bottom 250g – 2 Kg Side Gusset
Custom Made pouches. OPTI Sizes (designed for press) Various sizes for custom made digital process.

3. Are your pouches recyclable?

Yes. Code 7 under your municipality

4. Do you have compostable bags?

Yes, we can manufacture compostable bags.

5. How do I determine what is the best size of pouch for my product?

We recommend ordering Free Samples, as well as digital pouches, so you can test our pouches to determine what is the right size for your product.

6. Do you carry foil pouches?

Yes we carry metalized pouches.

7. Can I order Samples?

Yes, any customer can order samples. They are Free of Charge, but we do require a shipping fee of $20.00 plus taxes.


1. Can you assist me with my artwork?

Yes, we have a full inhouse design team and provide a marketing design and packaging design.

2. What is the cost to design a new pouch?

Basic $2000.00: Phone call with designers, 3 concepts/unique, 2 Reviews, Stock photography included, print ready files goes to printing department.


1. What is the cost for label edits?


2. Can you print any size label?

Yes, any size

3. What material can you print in?

Standardly, we provide high gloss, however, we can manufacture in Matte material and laminated for freezer use.

4. How many colors can we print?

There are no limits to colors.

5. What is the minimum order?

No minimum


1. What is the lead time?

2 – 3 Weeks

2. Can you make any size of packaging?


3. What does ‘optimized” mean?

Optimized signifies less wastage on the press. Using the same capacity as a stock bag but formatted for efficiency.

4. Are there any cylinders or plates involved?


5. What is the minimum order?

500 pouches

6. Can you do compostable?



1. What is the minimum?

There is no minimum. Price is based on volume.

2. How does the process work?

You will provide instructions for co-packing, ship the prouct to our warehouse, and provide any certificates for products to be kept on file. Any certificates and Packing Slips on products needs to be sent in from suppliers. Any instructions required for blending to be provided as well. Please contact one of our reps for more information.

3. What do you require from me for a quote?

What type of product do you require to fill? What is the weight of the bag you require? What quantity do you require? How many SKU’s do you have? Is the bag being required by you or us? Is there coding required? What is the Expiry date and lot number? What quantity is in the box? Is it bulk? How much quantity to be placed in a box? Do you require your product to be blended?


What are you packing? What volume do you require? Do you require us to store your product for you? (Storage Fee)


What size do you require? What quantity do you require? What type of finish do you require: Matte or Glossy? Do you require a window or a zipper?
(12 – 14 Weeks lead time. Cylinders for each color $250.00. Flat Bottom, Side Gusset bags: minimum quantity 10,000 qty.)